Johnny Boy

Wednesday, July 14, 2010



  1. Hello Mr. John Tucker When are you going to invite me to supper. Soon I hope and don't serve me any old blubber I am happy to have you here, up until now there has been only me and a blog full of women. I'm not complaining but it's nice to have a few mail companions.
    You can keep this post or remove it. The reason I put it here is because I really like it.
    Pick your category, Western Stories, Fellowship of Writters. Love Letters or even on FOL Administration and The Video Clown. They are all places you can post. Welcome to the new Fellowship of Writers. LOL, BDC

  2. OOPS...Are you a mail companion or a male companion. Ain't it funny that us poets can get by with just about anything. Anyway I'm waiting to see what you will post...

  3. Hello William - You have collared me again. I haven't been writing much for a while. My father died recently so lost them both now my mother died over six years ago.
    Was saddened to hear of your loss - I know you love your animal friends we can become more attached to them than people. They don't let us down. Let us hope Lady is happy wherever she is.
    Now I have made both your posts accurate as I am both a 'Mail' companion and a 'Male' companion Ha Ha.
    Glad to know you are still as lively as ever - take care Regards John (alias Jimmy D)

  4. It is sad when you lose a love one and I know the hurt you must feel. I am still morning the loss of all three of my four legged love ones. Little Sheeba who became a member of my family last January and died of parvo on May 26 and my old golden retriever Bear who followed her a week later and now my Lady. Honestly John my heart is broken and I don't feel like it will ever mend.
    You don't have to write just post some of your wonderful videos. You are the one who got me started an now I have made well over 200. Keep coming back we need you here. LOL, BDC

  5. William how tragic to lose your friends in such a short space of time. watching them suffer must have been horrific for you.
    I am pleased our paths have crossed once more not least because your comments are most flattering and I have to fight against getting a swollen head haha!
    Glad you are still active and I for one don't give a damn how you spell your words - more importantly I know where you're coming from.

    Kind regards and best wishes John

  6. Hi John,
    It is my pleasure to meet you. We both have William as friends so we must be a little alike.
    I loved you on You Tube reciting "Past the Sell Date." I found it to be quit funny.
    I am very sorry for the loss of your Father. I lost my Father about twenty years ago and I still talk to within my thoughts and heart. Have you read my poem "The Loss of A Loved One.?" It may ease your pain a little bit. They say time heals everything but not losing your parents or children because they are always in your heart and mind. The pain does ease then comes the happy memories to make you feel better. Keep on telling your poetry on You Tube. I love watching you.
    Sincerely Your New Friend,
    Tamara Lesley

  7. thank you for your beautiful words Tamara. I only found this comment today 3 Sep 2010. Apologies for not thanking you earlier.
    regards john